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All of SHOBI’s facilities and equipment are high quality and optimized for professional use. Here, we will introduce the facilities you will be using during your time at SHOBI.


Vario Hall features an elevated stage with electronic height control as well as outstanding acoustic design; it is an all-purpose concert hall that can support a variety of performances. Accommodating up to 346 people, Vario Hall can support currently active artists and well as student performances. In addition, Vario Hall is also used as a practice location for the Wind, String, & Percussion Department and where lighting production classes are held for students in the Sound, Visual, & Lighting Production Department.


Studio Luce is an always ready live house that is equipped with line array speakers, digital music consoles, etc., and is used for small-scale live concerts and events. Here, students can also plan their own independent lives where they are freely about to express their ideas and create a live or event to suit their needs.
Main Equipment: NEXO STM M28 S118 (Main Speaker), YAMAHA QL-5(Mixing Console)


A two-story studio that can hold a maximum of 200 people, Studio Buca is a versatile performance hall that can accommodate a wide variety of performances. In addition to student performances, Studio Buca is also often used for auditions held by industry professionals as well as classes for Sound, Visual, & Lighting Production Department students.


Stella Studio occupies a two-story space in the main building and is used for sound recording and video recording. By connecting with the audio circuits in Studio Cuore, a higher quality product is also able to be produced.
Main Equipment: SSL/AWS, Pro Tools HD, etc.


This is a cutting-edge professional level recording studio with the latest Pro-Tools 5.1 Audio Sound.
Main Equipment: Pro Tools HD, SSL XL-Deck, etc.


The studio is equipped with CUBASE and Reason as the main recording software. This studio is used for pre- production demo CD’s for composers and arrangers that focus on computer music. VOCALOID music production software is also available in this studio.


In this studio, DTM and DAW are taught from the foundation to intermediate level using software from Cubase and MIDI. DTM (Digital Music) and DAW’s are taught from the basics to an intermediate level using Cubase’s software. Students also learn use Finale to create clean-copy music scores. There is also a projector available that connects to the instructor’s computer so that they may explain proper techniques to students.


Students are able to practice voice acting for anime and movies assisted by a large monitor, recording microphone, and headphones. Practicing the dubbing of Western movies is also possible in this student. As well, students can check their acting level by playing back the recordings they have made and use this studio for personal practice.


These rooms are multi-purpose rooms equipped with high performance computers that have various applications used in the music industry. From business designs to video editing, students acquire high level PC skills using both Windows and MAC.


A variety of computers with programs such as Pro Tools HD, 02R96, and HALion are available in this studio for professional use. In addition to providing a training space for future sound manipulators and sound creators, this studio is also used for mastering CD’s for sale.


Music Atelier is a studio that is equipped with the latest DAW technology, including Pro Tools and Cubase. As well, sound generating software such as NIKOMPLETE, Arturia V Collection, Mong Sonic Six, Super Jupiter, and Nord Lead 3 are also available. The music programming software Max 6 is also available for use in this studio.


In addition to being a space where videos can be recorded using chroma key compositing, it is also possible to produce many other types of videos, including commercial production. In order to carry out comprehensive and complete production, both filming and editing equipment is available for use. In both classroom time and personal time students are able to work on their own personal projects as well.


A room that is beautifully designed with complete wood paneling and can accommodate roughly 30 people. It is equipped with both a Steinway B211 piano and a YAMAHA C7 piano. This room is used both for lessons and salon concerts held by the Piano Department students.


This room is equipped with a digital pipe organ (Rodgers i557) and newest YAMAHA STAGEA pipe organ, and a grand piano. It is used for electronic organ lessons and salon concerts for church music and music from the Baroque period.


A studio that accommodates up to 30 people, equipped with a stage, a simple lighting system, instruments, and audio equipment for band performances, vocal ensembles, and recording. Aside from being used for the Vocal Department’s lessons, this studio is also used for auditions, concerts, and student activities.


This room accommodates up to 100 people and is mainly used for lessons for Wind, String, & Percussion Department students. It is also used for large size band and orchestra rehearsals as well as sometimes being used to hold salon concerts.


Equipped with the latest professional equipment, these studios can be used for a range of activities including band sessions and individual practice, being twice the size of a classroom at more than 45m². These studios are equipped with the latest professional equipment, and used for various performances including band performances, sessions, and individual practices. This studio is twice the size of a normal classroom, more than 45m², which makes it possible to hold small concerts within the studio. The room is also equipped with mirrors so that students can evaluate their performance style and technique.


These linoleum-floored studios are mainly used for musical and dance lessons and acting performance practice. They are also equipped with two full-wall mirrors and professional sound systems.


These high-ceiling linoleum-floored studios are available for musical and dance rehearsals. It is also possible create musical and dance productions within these studios. In addition, a classical ballet bar is also available to accommodate various styles of dance.


This studio is equipped with a drum kit, a bass guitar, a guitar, and a keyboard, making this room ideal for various vocal and band live performances. Equipment used for sound control, basic recording, karaoke, and basic lighting are all available. It is largely used for holding live concerts, auditions, and examinations.


Including standard amplifier equipment, this studio has four drum kits, percussion instruments, and practice pads all available for practice.


■Piano Lesson Rooms ■Electronic Organ Lesson Rooms ■Synthesizer Rooms
■Multi-Purpose Practice Rooms ■Band Ensemble Studios ■Vocal Lesson Studios
■Wind, percussion, and string instrument Lesson Studios ■Music Arrangement/Composition/Production Studios
■Performance Rooms ■Nonlinear Rooms