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At SHOBI, departments involved with composition have a high level of training and curriculum supported by a group of instructors and an independently operated indie label "D-MAC Records" where publications are announced. Two different courses are available, such as; a 2-year Arrangement and Composition course as well as a 4-year Comprehensive Music Department with an arrangement and composition course.

"D-MAC Records" is a label created by the Arrangement and Composition course and Comprehensive Music Departments at SHOBI College of Music. Students' works selected by campus audition are published in the form of a "Compilation CD" many times throughout the year. Completed CDs are sold in major music stores such as HMV, Tower Records, and other major music stores across the country.
We introduce our BGM compilation series album release "Re:monade 11."

Movies, TV, Games, Anime, and similar genres were conceptualized to produce "Re:monade 11." It begins with orchestra, woodwinds, brass, strings, and piano, centered on wonderful raw instrumentation creating a masterpiece.
2015-3-2 1,000 yen (tax not included)

From the URL, you can watch a video of the digest edition.

Two international students from China completed the auditions within the school. Their songs have been accepted.