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[Practical Examination Report] Professional Musician Department Ensemble Practical Examination (1st Year)

In Professional Musician Department at SHOBI, practical examinations in the form of live performances are held 4 times per year. They are open live performances for other students to attend; hence the atmosphere is definitely heightened up. I also went and attended the live practical examination that took place from the 14th to 16th of June. This time, I will be reporting about the experience I had!





In the photo to the right shows Yunfei  Fan from China, who is the 1st year student majoring in Singer & Songwriter of the Professional Musician Department.

Along with the rest of ensemble, he played and belt out with all of his best.









Moving on, to the left shows Junyeong Song from South Korea, who is the 1st year student majoring in guitar of the Professional Musician Department. He soloed with his guitar on this performance.









Ping Jung Chung from Taiwan is also majoring in guitar, looked a little bit nervous at that time, but he gave his all while he performed on stage.











Seunghun Kim from South Korea, who is also majoring in guitar again, performed some up-tempo songs which really heated up the whole stage as well as the entire venue's atmosphere. 









Last but not least, Ching Hao Yu from Taiwan, playing his guitar with perfect harmony along with the other ensemble members.






In addition, other international students of female Drummers as well as Vocalist also took part in this examination live, which made the performance exciting.


The next practical examination will be held on the week of September 19th. Looking forward to the next practical examination as the students continue to grow and improve in their skills.

【Alumnus Introduction】Dance Department Graduate OH, Aram (South Korea)



Introducing SHOBI’s Dance department graduate, currently active as a choreographer in South Korea.


A 9th Graduating Class’s (graduation in 2008) OH, Aram!


Till now, OH, Aram has mentored a number of actors, actresses and idols including Korean 4 member girl group Dal★Shabet, K-POP singer Ben, Korean 7 member boy band Romeo’s Seunghwan and 3 member boy group PHANTOM’s Sanchez.


She is currently the representative of Korean entertainment office ‘Pops Entertainment’s choreography team, mentoring ‘Vitamin Angel’ and other elementary student groups.


Vitamin Angel.jpg

“Vitamin Angel” is 5 member group consisting of girls aged 15 to 17, who received the New-Comer’s Award at the end of last year.



They are currently active with the single album ‘Bad Girl’. Major debut has been decided for next year!

Everybody, please do check it out!


★Vitamin Angel (Greetings)


★Bad Girl

[Practical Examination Report] Jazz & Popular Department and Comprehensive Music Department Jazz & Popular Course


At SHOBI, there will be 4 times of examination in a year. This time, we will take a look at the Jazz & Popular Department and Comprehensive Music Department Jazz & Popular Course.

With our school teacher, who are also the examiners, help overlook this event as the examination is held as a live performance with many other students coming to enjoy music.





Korean student Hyunwoo Kim from Professional Musician Department has also joined in as a guest vocalist for the performance.






This group consists of 3 international students; Keyboardist, Bassist & Guitarist.



This intriguing performance is filled with much jazziness as each individual player gets their own solo parts, which captures the attention of the audience.




And of course, our international students got their own solo parts.

The picture on the right shows our student, Khagen Rai from Nepal soloing on his guitar. He also MCed for the introduction of each ensemble member as well as their songs.









The guitarist in the middle is an international student, Raeeun Jo from South Korea.

She has to match her outfit with the rest of the members and which also to bring out the overall of the ensemble.

Everyone's outfit in this ensemble consists mainly of red color.




This is the first practical examination for the 1st year students. Many might have felt nervous; however it was a great experience for them.

A Message from an International Student: Lau Shi Min from Singapore


The following message is written by Lau Shi Min, a second year student majoring in the Digital Music of the Arrangement & Composition Department at SHOBI College of Music;


It's been a great experience for me here at SHOBI. I could really feel my growth for music while studying here. Curriculum here is made tight to help strengthen our knowledge and endurance as we prepare for our future careers. You'll definitely have no regrets attending SHOBI!

Coming to Japan and being able to study in the school here has enabled me to participate in various events such as comic market and M3. I have made many companions and gained many valuable experiences which would definitely serve me well in the near future.

SHOBI's "only one" [Arrangement & Composition Department] Vol.2 ~Original Label [D-MAC RECORDS]~

Hello everyone! It’s SHOBI’s International Exchange Centre here. Today, we bring to you SHOBI’s “only one”.


[Arrangement & Composition Department (2-year course)] and [Comprehensive Music Department Arrangement & Composition Course (4-year course)] have their own label. Of all the departments in all the professional training colleges in Japan, only SHOBI has its own label.


The label is named “D-MAC RECORDS” . 


The following is taken from SHOBI’s home page:

“D-MAC Records” is the label created by SHOBI Music College’s Arrangement & Composition Department and the Comprehensive Music Department Arrangement and Composition Course. Students’ works are selected through internal auditions and compiled into a compilation album several times a year. The completed CD is sold at major record and CD shops in Japan including HMV and Tower Records.


Also, supporting and introducing the other side of young sound creators with the internet broadcast “Youth Composer” live every month on YouTube/USTREAM!


We will reveal more about the internet broadcast “Youth Composer” next time, but for now we’ll introduce the 4 different series in “D-MAC RECORDS” and the process of introducing our students’ works into the world.


The 4 series are:


[AVE] Series
The vocal and light pops series.

Also known as a "song-writer's gateway to success" in which a number of current professional composers and self-produced artists have participated in during their time in school.



[Re:monade] Series

The BGM and instrumentals series.

A compilation album of background music created in the image of an accompanying movie, television drama, game or anime.




[ZAVA] Series

The club music and digital music compilation album, ZAVA series.

The number of arrangement track data in the 12th instalment released on 2nd February, 2017 was an astonishing 947 tracks! 




[D-Rabbit] Series
A new series specializing in game and anime music.

An Anisong and Idol Song compilation album featuring songs created during collaboration between the Arrangement & Composition Department, Comprehensive Music Department Arrangement & Composition Course and the Voice Acting (Voice Over) Department.


Next, the process.

The「Re:monade」series and the [ZAVA] series begin applications in September.

A large number of students submit their works and through the first round of auditions held in October, averages of 10 student works are chosen.

The selected students improve the quality of their works followed by the second round of auditions and finally recording.

The students basically carry out everything by themselves while receiving guidance from their teachers.

The recordings of instruments used in the songs are achieved with the cooperation of students from the Jazz & Popular Department and the Wind, String, & Percussion Department. Vocals recordings are completed with the cooperation of students from the Vocal Department and the Voice Actor Department. This is the process unique to SHOBI characterized by its collaborations.


The CD is completed!

The BGM/instrumental series「Re:monade」released this time includes the works from two international students.

ZHANG, Shuhao (China) and KIM, Hakyeong (Korea) have both worked hard~ Congratulations!!!

KIM and ZHANG.jpg










The CD was released on 8th March, 2017. It can be purchased from Amazon for 1,080 yen. Please do purchase a copy!!~


The [AVE] series and the [D-Rabbit] series begin applications every year in spring and will be released sometime in August.

For the students whose works were released through D-MAC RECORDS, they also receive the right to use this as personal PR to composer offices during the school organized music industry auditions held in the Year 2 fall season. A number of international students currently active in the music industry were able to obtain exclusive contracts with a composer office through this.


While you may face many challenges studying in SHOBI’s Arrangement & Composition Department, the benefits you reap is immeasurable.

To be able provide the best environment possible to you is our wish.