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【Training Report】 Sound & Visual Production Department ~SHOBI Original Musical 'SHOBI MUSICAL SPECIAL STAGE 2016'

On 8th and 9th October 2016, the popular yearly Musical Department performance ‘SHOBI MUSICAL SPECIAL STAGE 2016’ was held at SHOBI’s Vario Hall.

The Sound & Visual Production Department was in-charge of the sound and visual effects at this performance.
With afternoon and night sessions over 2 days, coming to a total of 4 performances, it was a fulfilling practical training.

At SHOBI’s Sound & Visual Production Department, there are plenty of chances to participate in other departments’ performances and events as a form of training.

It was an important performance for the Musical Department students.
SHOBI’s Vario Hall was filled to maximum capacity with people who had purchased tickets to view the show.
As such an important event, the students of the Sound & Visual Department were placed in-charge of the sound and visual effects.
As such, while being referred to as training within the school, in all reality it is the actual performance.

As expected, it was nerve wrecking. However, it is this sense of nervousness that brings about growth in a person.

It was a 2-day uphill battle for the Sound & Visual Production students.

It is because this is a Sound & Visual Production Department in a music school with a long history that we are able to experience the meaning of ‘training = the real world’.

Link to the Sound & Visual Production Department

Please have a look at the digest video.  Part 1 is performed by the double-cast.

There also take a look at Part 2 at the performance. Enjoy!