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SHOBI's "only one" [Vocal Department] ~Public Examination with Attendees from the Industry~

At SHOBI, there are four examinations per year.

For the Vocal Department, practical examinations are also held 4 times a year. The practical examinations held in the month of June and December are public examinations with attendees from the industry.


As a student from the Vocal Department, it is made necessary to sing during the examination. During the examination, students would have to sing in front of the examiners, normally held in a classroom.

However, SHOBI's public examination will be visited by recording companies, as well as recruiters from leading production teams.

On average, there is always an approximate of 10 to 20 attendees from the industry, with the profession of picking out new recruitments.













Each time, 5 to 6 students will be picked out by these recruiters.

The process after the first step varies, however; it would normally be followed by a demo recording or an interview with the company.

Though that said, students would not be able to debut with just that. However, through these contacts, it would be beneficial for future debuts.

Even now, there are students who are gaining the benefits from that and are heading towards their debut goals.


There are many international students, who are currently in the Vocal Department studying alongside the Japanese students, building close relationships with each other while pushing forward together as rivals.












Public examinations with attendees from the industry, such a system is provided only at SHOBI, as it is our own unique system.


In addition to the public examinations, there are many other chances for students to gain experiences through their time in SHOBI, such as auditions, as well as live performances.

Would you want to try out for SHOBI's Vocal Department as well?