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The applicant can apply for a student visa when he/she receives a certificate of admission from the SHOBI College of Music, which is recognized as an eligible institution that administers the required attendance supervision of international students. If the applicant lives overseas, he/she must apply for a “Certificate of Eligibility” to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau to get a student visa. SHOBI can apply for a Certificate of Eligibility on behalf of the applicant overseas.

As soon as the applicant receives a Certificate of Eligibility, she/he must apply for a student visa at the Japanese consulate in his/her country.


SHOBI’s Career Center links your music to your profession.

There are a variety of professions in the music and entertainment world. The Career Center offers several types of support to students including career guidance, private counseling, lectures for career support, internships, and introducing part-time jobs. Many past graduates have entered the music industry and are working successfully in many areas of the music industry.
Here we will introduce the main support system of our Career Center.

1.CAREER COUNSELING (Individual Counseling)

Career Center staffs provide advice to individual students regarding career decisions, job hunting, and self-analysis. Tips on interviews and how to fill out job applications are also included.


Seminar-style career guidance is held on a regular basis to help teach students how to find a suitable job and from there how to successfully get the position.


We invite the recruiters of companies in the music and entertainment industry, including record companies, entertainment companies, television production companies, etc., to SHOBI and have joint information sessions. In addition, individual company information sessions are also held.


The Career Center conducts special lectures and programs for career support in cooperation with each department. Meeting with previous graduates, lectures for writing an effective resume/ entry sheet, and special programs in attaining licenses are included in order to help students find a job.


Students can check information on job vacancies, part-time jobs, and internships posted at the Career Center and on the internet. Via the Job-Get Mail service provided by the Career Center, students can get information about job vacancies through e-mail.


At the Career Center we help students attain credentials that will help them both during job hunting and after employment. Not only limited to certification specific to field and specialization, we also hold workshops on Microsoft Office, business manners and communication certificates, as well as administer qualifying exams for job applications.


At the Debut Center, we help you achieve your dreams of becoming a performing artist.

The Debut Center supports the dreams of those wishing to become a performance artist. Everyone who aspires to make music dreams to debut. SHOBI’s Debut Center will help fulfill the dreams of such students. Acting as the pipeline between the school and the music industry, starting from S-1 Audition (SHOBI No.1 Audition), SHOBI Debut Center provides debut support to students.

Debut Center

The Debut Center has direct connections to the music industry, including production and record companies, and as such strongly supports our students to make a debut. Through the largest campus organized audition, the S-1 Audition, a large number of students have reached their dreams and been able to debut. In addition, the Music Business Department managing group KASUGA-GUMI, in coordination with the Debut Center, will support debuting artists with promotional activities.

KASUGA-GUMI is the Music Business Department’s student’s project. KASUGA-GUMI helps the Debut Center conduct promotions and live tour support for new artists that were able to debut because of S-1 Audition. KASUGA-GUMI supports activities from various aspects such as the production of free-papers (free promotional flyers) which are, distributed in Tower Records and other concert venues country-wide, called Recommender, and live tour planning.

S-1 Audition

The largest audition held on-campus is the S-1 Audition, held in order to discover and debut SHOBI students. We are seeking expressive people who, not just in music, have hidden talents in entertainment in general. All that is needed is a passion to move others.

Current students or graduates of SHOBI, or group consisting mainly of SHOBI students/graduates

Primary Screening(Music Judging)

Review submission, either audio or visual, of one song.

Secondary Screening(Performance Judging)

Selected applicants will perform at an on-campus venue. A total of 10 groups will be selected.

Third Screening(YouTube Judging)

The previously selected ten groups will work with KASUGA-GUMI staff to produce a music video. The video will then be uploaded to YouTube and five groups will be chosen based on the number of views their video has.

Final Screening(Performance Judging)

The final five will have a performance at an off-campus live-house. Judges include music professionals, producers, and record label staff, and will select the best performance. Attendance for the performance is also judged. *Selection method is different for each competition.