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[Practical Examination Report] Professional Musician Department Ensemble Practical Examination (1st Year)

In Professional Musician Department at SHOBI, practical examinations in the form of live performances are held 4 times per year. They are open live performances for other students to attend; hence the atmosphere is definitely heightened up. I also went and attended the live practical examination that took place from the 14th to 16th of June. This time, I will be reporting about the experience I had!





In the photo to the right shows Yunfei  Fan from China, who is the 1st year student majoring in Singer & Songwriter of the Professional Musician Department.

Along with the rest of ensemble, he played and belt out with all of his best.









Moving on, to the left shows Junyeong Song from South Korea, who is the 1st year student majoring in guitar of the Professional Musician Department. He soloed with his guitar on this performance.









Ping Jung Chung from Taiwan is also majoring in guitar, looked a little bit nervous at that time, but he gave his all while he performed on stage.











Seunghun Kim from South Korea, who is also majoring in guitar again, performed some up-tempo songs which really heated up the whole stage as well as the entire venue's atmosphere. 









Last but not least, Ching Hao Yu from Taiwan, playing his guitar with perfect harmony along with the other ensemble members.






In addition, other international students of female Drummers as well as Vocalist also took part in this examination live, which made the performance exciting.


The next practical examination will be held on the week of September 19th. Looking forward to the next practical examination as the students continue to grow and improve in their skills.