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【Event Report】"SHOBI VOCAL GAKKA PREMIUM LIVE" at Clubasia





A collaboration live with selected current and graduate students from SHOBI's Vocal Department was held at Shibuya's Clubasia on 11th October 2016.

Starring selected graduates, current students selected through internal auditions, and high school students wishing to apply to SHOBI, selected from the 'Utacchae Just Sing Contest' held on 22nd September, showcasing high level performances.
A compilation of not only the past and present, but also the future of SHOBI's Vocal Department.

Three International students also participated in this live.

The first is LIANG, Chong Xi, a Vocal Department year-1 student from China.

LIANG, Chong Xi "This live performance is audition based. As a first year student, I thought I wouldn't be chosen. Hence, with the song that I loved, I entered the audition without putting much hope into the results. Fortunately, I was chosen along with one other student.
The song which I picked was sung by ARISAKA, Mika, which was the ending theme for the anime "The Twelve Kingdoms". I was worried that singing this ballade in the earlier part of the live performance would make the atmosphere a little too heavy, but being able to sing the song of the anime that I love the best on stage during this live performance gave me much pleasure. From this experience, I was able to realise my weaknesses, which would help me to push on to the next live performance. I will continue to diligently work hard while aiming to get better.

The second is EUN, Yukyong, a Vocal Department year-2 student from Korea.

EUN, Yukyong "I sang miwa's 'Kataomoi (One-sided love)'. As someone who suffers from stage fright, I was nervous about having to sing solo. However, as it is a song that I very much like, alongside the chance to sing at Clubasia, a live house with a long history in Shibuya, I was able to enjoy myself a lot. It was a very good experience."

The third is SONG, Minjeon, also a Vocal Department year-2 student from Korea.

SONG, Minjeon "The song I sang was 'Side To side', Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj. It was a duet with my classmate, Oomori Seiko. I sang Nicki Minaj's part. The preparation period for this live was relatively short and I was having a hard time right up to the actual day. However, it was also the most enjoyable live that I have participated in till now. I was honoured to be selected through the auditions, and through practice and rehearsals I was able to discover new things about myself. In the future, I wish to further my studies at SHOBI's Comprehensive Music Department, Vocal course."

We look forward to more from SHOBI College of Music, SHOBI's Vocal Department.