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【Event Report】The 2nd 'Pre-College for International Students 2017': Arrangement & Composition ~A music creator's job~

At SHOBI, ‘Pre-college for International Students 2017’ is being held. At the pre-college, lessons on music and music business terminology are conducted by a Japanese language teacher, followed by actual professional training college lessons by SHOBI’s teachers.


This is an event report on the second 'Pre-College for International Students 2017’ (Instructor: Arrangement & Composition Department Head, Mr. Hideo Inami) held on the 21st of October 2017.


The lesson theme for the day was ‘Arrangement & Composition? ~A music creator’s job~’.

A composer of several television, movie and J-POP songs himself, Mr Inami explained the different job aspects of the Composer, Arranger, Manipulator, Recording Engineer and Self-produced Artist and introduced several SHOBI students’ works through videos and recordings.

He also explained valuable song-making hints with actual examples in an easy-to-understand way.












It was a hit with the attending international students with comments such as “The teacher’s way of teaching was interesting and easy to understand” and “I’ve gained a clearer understanding of Composing and Arrangement”.

Furthermore, before the lesson a Japanese language teacher from the International Exchange Centre, Mr Naokazu Kishi explained the terms that would be used in the lesson. We received comments such as “I was able to learn more music terminology” and “I was taught many terms in a   way that was easy to understand even as an international student”.


For information on future 'Pre-College for International Students 2017' schedules, lesson themes and application information please check here.


All lessons are completely free of charge♪ Calling all international students~ Do join us!



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