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[Event Information] Experience lessons in a professional training college before enrolling! 'Pre-College for International Students 2017'



‘Pre-college for International Students 2017’ will be held once a month every month from 30th September 2017(Sat) to 27th January 2018(Sat)!


At last year’s ‘SHOBI’s Pre-school’, lessons on music and music business terminology was conducted by a Japanese language teacher, followed by actual professional training college lessons by SHOBI’s teachers.


Thanks to the overwhelming response last year, this year we are able to bring to you ‘Pre-college for International Students 2017’!


Technical jargon will be explained in an easy to understand way so that anybody can participate!


Calling all international students~ Do join us!♪



Pre-College for International Students 2017


【Event Days and Contents

  • 30th September 2017 (Saturday)

‘To work in the Entertainment Industry ~What is the staff’s job description?~’

Instructor: Sound, Visual, & Lighting Production Department Head, Mr. Tsuyoshi Kondo


  • 21st October 2017 (Saturday)

‘Arrangement & Composition? ~A music creator’s job~’

Instructor: Arrangement & Composition Department Head, Mr. Hideo Inami


  • 18th November 2017 (Saturday)

‘Why were the Beatles so popular?’

Instructor: Jazz & Popular Department Head, Mr. Masakazu Takano


  • 16th December 2017 (Saturday)

‘Recording Engineer & Concert PA ~What is the ‘Sound Production’ job?~」

Instructor: Sound, Visual, & Lighting Production Department Head, Mr. Tsuyoshi Kondo


  • 27th January 2018 (Saturday)

‘Music Business Industry Strategies & International Students’

Instructor: Music Business Department Head, Mr. Tadayoshi Okamoto




  • 1st session: 10:00 - 11:00 “Language lessons on Japanese that will be used in the 2nd session"
  • 2nd session: 11:00 - 12:00 "Professional Training College lessons by SHOBI's teachers”


【Meeting Place

SHOBI College of Music Main Building 1F (MAP)

Meeting Time 9:50





【How to Apply

Please send us your name, school name and the dates you wish to attend to the International Exchange Centre.



【Applications & Inquiries

SHOBI International Exchange Center(Kishi, Kiuchi)

TEL: 03-3813-9326

E-Mail: iec@shobi.ac.jp