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【To be held on 10th December 2016】The Popular Piano Live 'SOUND GROOVE 2016 Winter'

'SOUND GROVE 2016 Winter', a popular piano live held yearly by the Piano/Electronic Organ Department, will be held on 10th December 2016 at STUDIO BUCA.


This year as well, a live performance consisting of expressive piano performances and a powerful band support will bring to live the Christmas season♪
An array of genres, including pops, jazz, fusion and bossa nova will be performed! We look forward to seeing you there!
3 songs that were performed at 'Sound Groove' in 2014 and 2015 can be viewed on SHOBI NET-TV. Do take the time to view them~

"SOUND GROOVE 2016 Winter"

10th December 2016 (Sat)
OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30

SHOBI College of Music, STUDIO BUCA
Click for a map to the location

500yen(Free seating)

Pop Contemporary Department
Wind, Strings & Percussion Department

SHOBI College of Music Supporter's Association

Piano/Electronic Organ Department
Comprehensive Music Department

SHOBI College of Music International Exchange Center
TEL 03-3813-9326(Direct line to the International Exchange Center)
E-mail: iec@shobi.ac.jp
SHOBI College of Music Piano/Electronic Organ Department (Teacher-in-charge: Narisawa/Okano)
TEL 03-3814-2139(Direct line to the department)
E-mail: c-piano@shobi.ac.jp

The Latest Song Writing Compilation AVE16 [DMRA-0016]


The "AVE" series is a J-POP compilation album. It is also known as a "song-writer's gateway to success" in which a number of current professional composers and self-produced artists have participated in during their time in school.

Presenting the 16th instalment in this series, "AVE 16"!
(On sale 30th September 2016 1,000yen (+tax))

International students participating in this album:
Track2「Again」(KIM, Dan・OGURA, Rena)
Kim Dan is a Korean student. Co-written with Ogura Rena.

Track4「Ultraviolet」(LEE, Gyuseong)
Lee Gyuseong is also a Korean student. 

The "AVE" series is produced by D-MAC RECORDS.

D-MAC RECORDS is the record label belonging to SHOBI Music College's Arrangement & Composition Department and Comprehensive Music Department Arrangement & Composition Course. Students' works, determined through auditions within school, are compiled into a compilation CD and sold at HMV, Tower Records and other major record/CD shops throughout Japan a couple of times a year.
Also available on Amazon. 1,080 yen including tax.


To listen to a sample of the songs or see how it is like behind the scenes, please watch Youth Composer Vol.38 "AVE16 Special Feature"!

"SHOBI's Pre-school ~Getting used to Music and Music Business Terminology~" for International Students


We will be holding SHOBI's Pre-school "SHOBI's Pre-school ~Getting used to Music and Music Business Terminology~" for International Students!
At SHOBI's Pre-school, receive lessons on music and music business terminology from a Japanese language teacher before the lessons by actual SHOBI teachers, all completely free of charge!
A great opportunity to learn music-related Japanese words and get used to lessons at a professional training school! Do join us!

Please click here for [Event Report] The Second "SHOBI's Pre-school" held on 15th October, 2016.

【Lesson Plan】
1st session: 10:00 - 11:00 "Japanese language lessons"
2nd session: 11:00 - 12:00 "Professional Training School lessons by SHOBI's teachers"

【Event Days and Lesson Themes】
15th October 2016 (Sat) "Music Genre and History ~the evolving Rock & Pops"
19th November 2016 (Sat) "The Future of the Music and Entertainment Industry?"
17th December 2016 (Sat) "Music Business ~Work and Study~"
21st January 2017 (Sat) "A day in the life of a concert PA ~Introduction to Staff Work~"
18th February 2017 (Sat) "Music Production and Labels ~a Music Creators work~"

【Meeting Place】
SHOBI College of Music Main Building 1F (MAP)


【Application Method】
Please let us know your name, school and preferred days.

【Application / Inquiries】
International Exchange Centre(Kishi・Kiuchi)
TEL: 03-3813-9326 E-Mail: iec@shobi.ac.jp

[Event Report] The Second "SHOBI's Pre-school ~Getting used to Music and Music Business Terminology" for International Students

The SHOBI International Exchange Center holds a "pre-school" program for international students who are currently attending a Japanese Language school and are considering furthering their studies in a professional training college.
"Pre-school" refers to lessons held at a professional training college, taken before enrolling into the professional training college to help you get used to lessons here.

On October 15th 2016, the second "SHOBI's pre-school ~Getting used to Music and Music Business Terminology" (Instructor: SHOBI Jazz and Popular Department Head, TAKANO Masakazu) was conducted.


The theme for this lesson was "Music Genre and History ~the evolving Rock & Pops".
A teacher who believes that the type of music a person likes in youth changes his/her future, Mr. Takano shared with the students about the genres and history of the music from the 60s and 70s, the characteristics and historical background of the US and British music, and about the representatives of musicians (such as the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin), all of which were very much a part of his own youth. An exciting lesson sprinkled with jokes and filled with various priceless videos and stories from the time, and a piano demonstration!

We received much positive feedback such as "it was fun to be able to talk about music", "I've learnt a lot more about music" and "the teacher was really interesting" from attending students, many of which expressed their desire to participate again.


SHOBI's pre-school will be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month till February 2017!
The next session will be held on 11/19(Sat) from 10AM till 12PM. The theme is "The future of the music and entertainment industry?" (Instructor: SHOBI Entertainment Business Entrepreneurship Department Head, NISHIKAWA Norihiko).
For more information on lesson schedules and lesson themes and to find out how to apply, please click here!


As this is a pre-school program catering to international students, there will be a music and music business terminology explanation by a Japanese language teacher before the lesson starts.
A fun lesson completely free of charge! International students, please join us~♪

A Message from an International Student: May Wutt Yi Kyaw from Myanmar


''Hi, I am May Wutt Yi Kyaw from Myanmar. I am a first year student majoring in the Singer & Songwriter course of the Professional Musicians Department at Shobi.I am here at Shobi to find out my potential and become mature as a musician together with the best of my classmates."