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Pro Musician Department Live 2015-05-18




Pro Musician Department Live 2015-05-18

At the Pro Musician Department, auditions or performances are held every month.
A total of 11 Bands and 30 people performed at this year's first Department Live, held on May 18, at Rudio K3 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Jocelyn, an international student from Mexico.

Girls band, "YUKUE-HUMEI" (The name means "missing persons")

"Never Walk Alone"

【Live Information】Contemporary Pop Course's Live 2014.4.9






With the concept [Aspire to be an all round player and to move

the music scene with our performance skills], guitar, bass, drum,

keyboard, saxophone, trumpet and trombone players from the

Contemporary Pop Course are working hard everyday to improve


On that day, 2nd year students performed a welcome live for the

new students in the 5th building's 2nd floor studio.

Currently there are 3 foreign students in the 2nd year of

Contemporary Pop Course. All of them did an exellent performance

on that day.

The songs they performed are the following:

Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma)
Georgia On My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael)
Pass The Peas (James Brown)

Let's introduce the 3 foreign students.

KIM JAE YOUNG, from Korea, guitar major
LEE DONGWOOK, from Korea, guitar major
PRADHAN SAGAR, from Nepal, guitar major

There's also one more foreign student from Taiwan in bass major,

He graduated this year from the Contemporary Pop Course and

transferred to the 4 year course from Shobi's Academy's

Jazz/Popluar Course starting from the 3rd year. He also performed

on the live as a supporter.

There are 7 new students this year in the Contemporary Pop

Course. Everyone from the foreign intercourse center is looking

forward to see the new students also performing in next year's

welcome live.

【Live Information】Electric Organ Course's Live 2014.4.9





On Wednesday April 9th Electric Organ Course held a live in Shobi's Studio in the main building. Here are some words from the Electric Organ course's Korean student Kuman Solhee.

Hello everyone! I'm Kuman Solhee.

This was a live to welcome the new students. Students from the 2nd year of Electric Organ course and 2nd year Academy Electric Organ course performed in main building's 2nd underground floor 「C Studio」.
We performed a total of 11 songs including "American Wake" and a Disney Medley.

We started to prepare for this live since December and it's a live that we all discussed and created by ourselves. This live's title 「MUSIC GALAXY」was also decided by us.
The poster was also created by the classmate Moroizumi. We had a lot of fun also rehearsing during sumer holiday. I was also in charge of recording the video of this event.
It was a very fun live that lasted 1 hour.

These are the foreign students from the Electric Organ course.

I'm the one in the left. In the middle in Wang Yan, a 3rd year Academy student from China. And in the right, there's Hiu Yichun, a new student from Taiwan.
From now on, Electric Organ course will hold lots of lives outside the school too. I'm really looking forward to that.

【News from the Foreign Interchange Center】The International Sudent's orientation and Intercourse event was held



37 new foreign students from Korea, China, Sweden, Taiwan, Indonesia, Tailand and Malaysia joined Shobi this year.

Also, the Foreign Interchange Center held an orientation and an intercourse event for all the foreign students on the 8th of April 2014.

A lot of things were explained on the orientation, including the function of the Foreign Interchange Center, the support of students Japanese, information about scholarships, how to purchase a student's commuter pass and so on, while following the book 『International Student's Everyday Life Guide』created by the Interchange Center.

Following, the contents of Shobi's International Student's Concert that will be held the 1st of November were presented. Shobi's International Student's Concert is a concert with a long history that will be held this year for the 21st time.
There was also information about how to apply as a performer or as staff and greetings from the International Student's leader Song YoungMyung.

After that, there was an intercourse event with both new foreign students and their seniors. As most of them will be on different courses in the school, this was a very good chance for them to know each other. While having some food and

drinks, they were able to spend a very useful hour interchanging information and
introducing themselves.

Shobi Music College held the 2014 entrance ceremony


Monday 7th of April 2014

Shobi Music College held the 2014 entrance ceremony and both students and family members were able to celebrate with success the entrance in the school.
To get the feeling of entering a music school the ceremony started with the performance of Shobi's Wind Orchestra and receiving many congratulations from the school's principle Mr. Noguchi.

The mixture nervousness and hope in the faces of the new students while they were listening was something to remember.