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Participants wanted for December 8 「Kurikora Live @ Buca」. Let's sing a medley of Anime songs together!

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The voice actor course's Christmas Live [Kurikora LIVE @ Buca] will be held on December the 8th of 2013.
[Kurikora LIVE @ Buca] is a live about singing with bands from the Pro-musician course In the back, a medley of animation hit songs arranged by the Comprehensive Music department's composition course.
Apart from the students of the voice actor course, everybody can also join them on stage and sing together the medley if animation songs!
The voice actor Osuka Jun (Mausu Promotion), a graduate student from the voice actor course, will also appear as a special guest!
Songs like 「Shoujou S」,「Linked Horizon」,「We Are!!」,「Lion」are planed to be on the set list. ※some songs on the list may change

How to participate:
You can choose to participate as a part of the audience or going on stage and singing the animation songs medley ※(requires to take a vocal lesson previously)
The participation for both is free (you will need to fill in the application form).

Participate in [Kurikora LIVE @ Buca] and sing a medley of anime songs!!
【Date and time】
December 8, 2013 (Sunday)
Open 15:30
Start 16:00 (estimated to end at 18:00)

Free(application form needed previously).
【How to participate】
There are two ways you can participate
●「As a part of the audience 」
●「Joining on stage to sing the medley」(requires to take a vocal lesson previously)

[How to apply]

Please send the following information written below from 1 to 5 by mail to
1. Choose to participate 「As a part of the audience 」or 「Joining on stage to sing the medley」.
2. Name
3. School name or job
4. Contact phone number (mobile or home number).
5. If you chose 「Joining on stage to sing the medley」select a day for the vocal lesson from the schedule written below.

[Entry deadline]
Until the 1st of December of 2013 at 12:00

[Schedule for the vocal lessons] Everytime from 13:00 to 14:20
・November 4(Monday・Holiday)
・November 17(Sunday)
・December 1(Sunday)

Live Studio Buca

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International exchange center
Tel 03-3813-9326
e-mail iec@shobi.ac.jp