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Sagar Pradhan ( Nepal) Pop Contemporary Department

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I started playing the guitar at the age of 18. But I knew that people started learning music at an earlier age. So I always wondered if I could begin to study and understand music. I often learned from my friends or the internet, but I soon realized that it was not enough, and I wasn't progressing. So eventually, I got into a music university. I started learning about the music theory, an array of music styles, various genres, composing methods, Western classical music, Western music, Eastern classical music, ethnic music, tribal music, and the history of music itself.

Alas! I soon found myself dissatisfied only to realize that my approach to music studies was wrong. Even with a BA Degree in Music, I could hardly do that a musician should. Although I had the music in me, I could never really harness and channel my musical abilities. Therefore, I decided to study music overseas to discover all the things that had been ignored, or things I had missed.

Then I came to Japan, I studied the language for 2 years, and upon my graduation I joined Shobi College of Music. This is my first year, and I love it so far. The school has a strong core curriculum that suits my needs, and enables me to expand my musical style. I am excited and eager to go for my lessons everyday. The teachers are experienced, helpful, encouraging, kind, and easy to understand. It has only been a couple of months here at Shobi, nevertheless, I have received some very valuable lessons, and I know there is more. Overall, I find the Shobi teaching method, its sound curriculum, the dedicated and approachable faculty, well equipped rooms, and a good management has made my journey to Japan worthwhile.

I'm very pleased and grateful to be here.

Thank you.
Sagar Pradhan
Pops Contemporary 1st year.