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SHOBI International Exchange Center's Official SNS for International students!

As many of you may already know, SHOBI International Exchange Center’s Official Social Networking Service (SNS) for international students was created at the end of last year!



International Exchange Center’s

Official Facebook






International Exchange Center’s

Official Twitter





Delivering various information about SHOBI to both international students and you who lives inside and outside of Japan.

  • SHOBI’s upcoming event information and event reports
  • Introduction to the various departments in SHOBI
  • Introducing SHOBI’s international students and alumni
  • Information related to internal and external scholarships for international students
  • Examination information for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, the Business Japanese Proficiency Test etc.
  • Additionally packed with the latest information on SHOBI and international students!

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Furthermore, you can also apply for events, such as SHOBI’s open campus, through the International Exchange Center’s Facebook messaging! Inquiries can be made in Japanese, Korean, Chinese or English!

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