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SHOBI's "only one": Professional Musicians Department~Monthly Audition/Live~

In the Professional Musicians Department of SHOBI, monthly auditions/live performances are implemented.
Through the auditions/live performances, the students’ original music as well as live performances can be delivered to more viewers and listeners. These provide opportunities for the students to gain valuable experiences, and of course to brush up their own skills.
Below is the ongoing schedule for year 2016-2017.

  • April: Welcome College Live of New Students
  • May: First Step Audition
  • May: Department Live
  • June: First Step Audition
  • July: Department Live
  • July: First Step Audition
  • August: Summer Festival
  • September: Department Live
  • September: First Step Audition
  • October: First Step Audition
  • November: First Step Audition
  • December: Department Live
  • December: First Step Audition
  • January: First Step Audition
  • February: Department Live
  • February: Rise Up Audition (2nd Audition)
  • March: Rise up Audition (Final Audition)
  • March: Graduation Live
Just the first year into their studies, students are able to apply and reinforce what they have learnt during their lessons while taking part in these events, reassuring them of their aims in becoming professional musicians.
The judges for the First Step Audition includes teachers of SHOBI's Professional Musicians Department as well as guests from the music industry, adding up to 5 judges altogether. The judges would also give comments about the students’ performance at the end.
Those who manage to clear the First Step Audition will move on to the Rise up Audition held in February. Rise up Audition provides many opportunities for students to be able to debut.
For those who take part in the Department Live performances, they will be provided with proper band training by the Department itself. Through these, auditions and recordings may be offered to the students.
SHOBI's Professional Musicians Department contains endless opportunities.
International students are also working hard at SHOBI. Please do support us!
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