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SHOBI's "only one" [Arrangement & Composition Department]Vol.1~Private Composition Lessons as a Compulsory Subject~

Inside the SHOBI's Arrangement & Composition Department syllabus, we include “private composition lessons”.
It is a compulsory subject since it has a great importance. Once a week, there are one-on-one lessons with the tutor teacher. Of course, these lessons do not require additional tuition fees.

shobi_only_one201701e.jpgSubjects as Music Theory or DTM are indeed an important part of our syllabus, but what makes our school special is that we include the private composition lessons within the curriculum during the 2 years.

In fact, if we ask to the students why they chose to come to SHOBI, many of them say it is because SHOBI’s Arrangement & Composition Department offers private composition lessons.

The tutor teachers are specifically assigned to each student according to the student's musical preferences and what they are aiming at musically.

Since there are weekly assignments to be fulfilled, the private composition lessons prove to be a challenging subject.

Even when asking to the international students in SHOBI’s Arrangement & Composition Department about their favorite subject and their hardest subject, everybody coincides that it is in both cases private composition lessons.

However challenging it may be, the results accomplished are inestimable. Also, at each term's final exams, one original piece is presented.

Besides this private composition lessons, SHOBI's Arrangement & Composition Department is proud to;

♪have a world-class and distinctive curriculum at our “Screen Music Major”,
♪release to the market the students' best compositions by our indie label “D-MAC RECORDS”,
♪count with the presence of several music industry professionals in our “Industry Audition”,
♪present and support all the young sound creators in our internet program “Youth Composer”, and

lots of other “only one” aspects, which we will keep presenting on further volumes of this issue.

So, won't you come and improve your skills at SHOBI's Arrangement & Composition Department?