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The Latest Song Writing Compilation AVE16 [DMRA-0016]


The "AVE" series is a J-POP compilation album. It is also known as a "song-writer's gateway to success" in which a number of current professional composers and self-produced artists have participated in during their time in school.

Presenting the 16th instalment in this series, "AVE 16"!
(On sale 30th September 2016 1,000yen (+tax))

International students participating in this album:
Track2「Again」(KIM, Dan・OGURA, Rena)
Kim Dan is a Korean student. Co-written with Ogura Rena.

Track4「Ultraviolet」(LEE, Gyuseong)
Lee Gyuseong is also a Korean student. 

The "AVE" series is produced by D-MAC RECORDS.

D-MAC RECORDS is the record label belonging to SHOBI Music College's Arrangement & Composition Department and Comprehensive Music Department Arrangement & Composition Course. Students' works, determined through auditions within school, are compiled into a compilation CD and sold at HMV, Tower Records and other major record/CD shops throughout Japan a couple of times a year.
Also available on Amazon. 1,080 yen including tax.


To listen to a sample of the songs or see how it is like behind the scenes, please watch Youth Composer Vol.38 "AVE16 Special Feature"!