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【Event Report】The 4th "Pre-College for International Students 2017: Recording Engineer and Concert Audio Technicians ~ Jobs in 'Sound'"

SHOBI's International Exchange Centre is holding the event "Pre-College for International Students 2017". In this college preparatory class, students receive a Japanese language class focusing on words related to music and the music business, followed by a lesson by one of SHOBI's teachers.


On Saturday 16th December, 2017, we held the 4th event "Pre-College for International Students 2017"! This was taught by SHOBI's Sound, Visual and Lighting course's head of department Mr. Takeshi Kondo.


The theme of the day's event was - 'Recording Engineer and Concert Audio Technician ~ Jobs in 'Sound'". Mr. Kondo worked many years as a recording engineer and concert sound technician, and gave us a hugely practical lesson.


First, we learned about the cables on stage. None of us had been taught before. He showed us the names of the parts of the cable, their uses, and ways of coiling them, such as in the figure-of-8. In reality, this figure-of-8 coiling proved quite tricky, and everyone was struggling to come to grips with it, practicing over and over!


Next, he taught us about the microphones, mic stands, and the correct settings of a staged performance. One international student played the keyboard and sung into the microphone as other students had a chance to adjust the audio settings on the mixer. We also learned about the mic positioning and directions, and how the direction that the mic is facing has a huge impact on the sound quality. It was a lesson of great interest to us all.
















International students who attended said "I learnt a lot of new things!", and "the teacher was very nice and the lesson was interesting." It seemed like everyone really enjoyed themselves.


The next "Pre-College for International Students" will be held from 10am-12pm on Saturday the 27th of January, 2018. The theme of this next lesson will be "The Global Music Business Strategy - Can International Students Play an Active Role?" (Taught by SHOBI's Music Business Course's head of department Mr. Tadayoshi Okamoto)


Before this lesson, there will be a Japanese lesson on words related to music and the music business, taught by a professional Japanese teacher. This event is exclusively for international students, so please don't be nervous to join, no matter how unsure you are of your Japanese language ability!


For more information, such as on how to apply, please click here.


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