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SHOBI's Only One The "Arrangement & Composition Department" Chapter Vol. 3 ~Industry Audition is the Entrance to Opportunities~

SHOBI’s Arrangement & Composition Department, Comprehensive Music Department Arrangement & Composition Course invites people related to the  music industry to conduct auditions for students every year. Students are able to directly appeal to scouts from the music industry and to increase their chances of becoming a composer or self-produced artist after graduation.


This year’s Industry Audition was conducted on the 29th of September 2017, at SHOBI’s Main Building Level 2 Convention Room.

Being SHOBI’s Arrangement & Composition Department Audition, it received a lot of attention from members of the music industry.

35 scouts were in attendance this year, a vast increase from last year. (Due to circumstances, we apologies for being unable to release company names and photos of the event.









(This picture is just an image.)



The opportunity to participate in this Industry Audition is only given to students who have cleared various conditions.

The international students are also doing their very best, participating every year.

This year, the following 4 international students were nominated.


  • Shuhao Zhang (China) Music works selected and recorded in the “Re:monade 13”and “AVE 17” albums.
  • Yheri Kang (Korea) Music work selected and recorded in the “AVE 17” album.
  • Junho Kim (Korea) Music work selected and recorded in the “AVE 17” album.
  • Sangwon Yun (Korea) Music work selected and recorded in the “D-Rabbit 10” album.

At the Industry Auditions, the students present their music works in front of many talent scouts.  In these stressful conditions, international students also face the extra pressure of having to present in Japanese. However, on this very day, they were able to complete their presentations splendidly in front of the talent scouts.

After the audition, they have the ‘Consultation meetings’, where industry scouts are able to contact the students that they have taken an interest in.  From there, the opportunity to for Composer contracts or employment rises.


To seize opportunities, we must first challenge ourselves!


Will you take up this challenge in SHOBI’s Arrangement & Composition Department?


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