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SHOBI's Only One The "Arrangement & Composition Department" Chapter Vol. 3 ~Industry Audition is the Entrance to Opportunities~

SHOBI’s Arrangement & Composition Department, Comprehensive Music Department Arrangement & Composition Course invites people related to the  music industry to conduct auditions for students every year. Students are able to directly appeal to scouts from the music industry and to increase their chances of becoming a composer or self-produced artist after graduation.


This year’s Industry Audition was conducted on the 29th of September 2017, at SHOBI’s Main Building Level 2 Convention Room.

Being SHOBI’s Arrangement & Composition Department Audition, it received a lot of attention from members of the music industry.

35 scouts were in attendance this year, a vast increase from last year. (Due to circumstances, we apologies for being unable to release company names and photos of the event.









(This picture is just an image.)



The opportunity to participate in this Industry Audition is only given to students who have cleared various conditions.

The international students are also doing their very best, participating every year.

This year, the following 4 international students were nominated.


  • Shuhao Zhang (China) Music works selected and recorded in the “Re:monade 13”and “AVE 17” albums.
  • Yheri Kang (Korea) Music work selected and recorded in the “AVE 17” album.
  • Junho Kim (Korea) Music work selected and recorded in the “AVE 17” album.
  • Sangwon Yun (Korea) Music work selected and recorded in the “D-Rabbit 10” album.

At the Industry Auditions, the students present their music works in front of many talent scouts.  In these stressful conditions, international students also face the extra pressure of having to present in Japanese. However, on this very day, they were able to complete their presentations splendidly in front of the talent scouts.

After the audition, they have the ‘Consultation meetings’, where industry scouts are able to contact the students that they have taken an interest in.  From there, the opportunity to for Composer contracts or employment rises.


To seize opportunities, we must first challenge ourselves!


Will you take up this challenge in SHOBI’s Arrangement & Composition Department?


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A Message from an International Student: Christina Reinelt from the United Kingdom

The following message is written by Christina Reinelt, a second year student majoring in Singer & Songwriter of the Professional Musician Department at SHOBI College of Music;


クリスティーナ.JPGI joined SHOBI's Pro Musician Singing-Songwriting course with many half-finished songs I hadn't been able to finish on my own. One of the biggest challenges I was facing was playing and singing guitar at the same time. Within the first month, we were all singing our completed songs while accompanying ourselves on our chosen instruments. The monthly "First Step" auditions are always a great push to write a new song and get invaluable feedback. Everyone is so kind, the atmosphere is like a fun summer camp vibe, and I'm absolutely in love with it!

[Event Information] Experience lessons in a professional training college before enrolling! 'Pre-College for International Students 2017'



‘Pre-college for International Students 2017’ will be held once a month every month from 30th September 2017(Sat) to 27th January 2018(Sat)!


At last year’s ‘SHOBI’s Pre-school’, lessons on music and music business terminology was conducted by a Japanese language teacher, followed by actual professional training college lessons by SHOBI’s teachers.


Thanks to the overwhelming response last year, this year we are able to bring to you ‘Pre-college for International Students 2017’!


Technical jargon will be explained in an easy to understand way so that anybody can participate!


Calling all international students~ Do join us!♪



Pre-College for International Students 2017


【Event Days and Contents

  • 30th September 2017 (Saturday)

‘To work in the Entertainment Industry ~What is the staff’s job description?~’

Instructor: Sound, Visual, & Lighting Production Department Head, Mr. Tsuyoshi Kondo


  • 21st October 2017 (Saturday)

‘Arrangement & Composition? ~A music creator’s job~’

Instructor: Arrangement & Composition Department Head, Mr. Hideo Inami


  • 18th November 2017 (Saturday)

‘Why were the Beatles so popular?’

Instructor: Jazz & Popular Department Head, Mr. Masakazu Takano


  • 16th December 2017 (Saturday)

‘Recording Engineer & Concert PA ~What is the ‘Sound Production’ job?~」

Instructor: Sound, Visual, & Lighting Production Department Head, Mr. Tsuyoshi Kondo


  • 27th January 2018 (Saturday)

‘Music Business Industry Strategies & International Students’

Instructor: Music Business Department Head, Mr. Tadayoshi Okamoto




  • 1st session: 10:00 - 11:00 “Language lessons on Japanese that will be used in the 2nd session"
  • 2nd session: 11:00 - 12:00 "Professional Training College lessons by SHOBI's teachers”


【Meeting Place

SHOBI College of Music Main Building 1F (MAP)

Meeting Time 9:50





【How to Apply

Please send us your name, school name and the dates you wish to attend to the International Exchange Centre.



【Applications & Inquiries

SHOBI International Exchange Center(Kishi, Kiuchi)

TEL: 03-3813-9326

E-Mail: iec@shobi.ac.jp

[Practical Examination Report] Professional Musician Department Ensemble Practical Examination (1st Year)

In Professional Musician Department at SHOBI, practical examinations in the form of live performances are held 4 times per year. They are open live performances for other students to attend; hence the atmosphere is definitely heightened up. I also went and attended the live practical examination that took place from the 14th to 16th of June. This time, I will be reporting about the experience I had!





In the photo to the right shows Yunfei  Fan from China, who is the 1st year student majoring in Singer & Songwriter of the Professional Musician Department.

Along with the rest of ensemble, he played and belt out with all of his best.









Moving on, to the left shows Junyeong Song from South Korea, who is the 1st year student majoring in guitar of the Professional Musician Department. He soloed with his guitar on this performance.









Ping Jung Chung from Taiwan is also majoring in guitar, looked a little bit nervous at that time, but he gave his all while he performed on stage.











Seunghun Kim from South Korea, who is also majoring in guitar again, performed some up-tempo songs which really heated up the whole stage as well as the entire venue's atmosphere. 









Last but not least, Ching Hao Yu from Taiwan, playing his guitar with perfect harmony along with the other ensemble members.






In addition, other international students of female Drummers as well as Vocalist also took part in this examination live, which made the performance exciting.


The next practical examination will be held on the week of September 19th. Looking forward to the next practical examination as the students continue to grow and improve in their skills.

【Alumnus Introduction】Dance Department Graduate OH, Aram (South Korea)



Introducing SHOBI’s Dance department graduate, currently active as a choreographer in South Korea.


A 9th Graduating Class’s (graduation in 2008) OH, Aram!


Till now, OH, Aram has mentored a number of actors, actresses and idols including Korean 4 member girl group Dal★Shabet, K-POP singer Ben, Korean 7 member boy band Romeo’s Seunghwan and 3 member boy group PHANTOM’s Sanchez.


She is currently the representative of Korean entertainment office ‘Pops Entertainment’s choreography team, mentoring ‘Vitamin Angel’ and other elementary student groups.


Vitamin Angel.jpg

“Vitamin Angel” is 5 member group consisting of girls aged 15 to 17, who received the New-Comer’s Award at the end of last year.



They are currently active with the single album ‘Bad Girl’. Major debut has been decided for next year!

Everybody, please do check it out!


★Vitamin Angel (Greetings)


★Bad Girl