• Respects the personal needs of each student, according to his/her professional goals and individual interests.
  • Is practical and applicable, allowing students to participate in concerts, live performances, and other event activities.
  • Encourages students to participate in integrated, interdisciplinary activities in which various departments collaborate to help students broaden their horizons.

A few good points for international students at SHOBI

    This is the place where international students can receive information on a wide range of issues such as enrolment and graduation procedures, living in Japan, help with studying and visa problems. Chinese, Korean and English are available. We also provide Japanese class for free.
    (Dial from overseas) Tel: +81-3-3813-9326 / Fax: +81-3-3812-9248
    (Japan) Tel:03-3813-9326 / Fax:03-3812-9248
    The CAREER CENTER provides relevant information and gives support to students who are preparing for job applications. A huge number of opportunities are available here such as part-time jobs, auditions, and enterprise training. Employment tactics are also available to support students who are interesting in becoming professional musicians or professionals in the music industry.
    We provide scholarship programs especially for international students. By taking advantage of these scholarships, international applicants can reduce their tuition up to 300,000 yen upon entering school.
    Students who have graduated from SHOBI's two-year course curriculum are eligible to transfer to the third year at the Comprehensive Music Department.
  5. SHOBI is selected as a "suitable school" by the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
    As SHOBI is selected as a "suitable school", the international students are granted a college student visa for 2-years and 3-months.
    The monthly dorm fees are 53,000 yen per month, with a meal plan of 2 meals per day included.
  7. EJU
    If an international student achieves a high score in the Japanese language portion of the EJU, (a test for exchange students in Japan) upon entering SHOBI, he or she can receive a "Study Incentive Grant", which is a monthly 48,000 yen stipend that continues for a year.



  • SHOBI is located in the center of downtown of Tokyo. It is close to the famous Tokyo Dome, La Qua, and Bunkyo Ward's Civic Hall, and has easy access to Tokyo hot spots such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tokyo, Akihabara, Ikebukuro, and Aoyama. SHOBI is accessible by four subway lines and one JR line.
  • SHOBI is a well-established educational institution with ninety years of history.
  • SHOBI is an accredited professional training college. Upon graduation, students of two-year course will receive a diploma (postsecondary course). Students who graduate from the four-year Comprehensive Music Academy will receive an advanced diploma (postsecondary course).
  • SHOBI is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art professional equipment, film studios, non-linear editing classrooms, vocal recording studios, instrument recording studios, master recording studios, pre-production studios, sound design studios and specialized production studios. All are available for students to utilize.
  • SHOBI's BUCA performance studio and the concert hall, Vario Hall, provide students a place to experience a variety of performances. Students can also use a number of dance studios, full-sized professional recording studios, as well as practice rooms.
  • For students studying to become professional musicians, SHOBI provides them the top-quality instruments. The concert hall and BUCA have Steinway and Bensendolfer grand pianos for concert recital practices and performances, and all practice rooms are equipped with Yamaha pianos. World class brasses are also available at SHOBI.

SHOBI's Study Models

SHOBI's Study Models



1) Honor Student Scholarship
This scholarship is for applicants who have already had experience, knowledge, or technical training in their major fields. In other words, applicants should show evidence that they have won prizes in competitions or auditions, or have excellent knowledge and skills. Application forms for this scholarship are attached in the brochure of Application Guide. Full tuition or half tuition will be exempted from the annual tuition and fees.

Application Period and Screening Day
Screening Day October 11, 2015 December 20, 2015 February 21, 2016
Application Period June 1 - September 30, 2015 October 1 - December 10, 2015 January 6 - February 10, 2016
Vocal Dept.
Pro Musician Dept.
Contemporary Pop
Arrangement & Composition
Music Business N/A N/A
Sound & Visual Production N/A N/A
Entertainment Business Entrepreneurship N/A N/A
Voice Actor
Dance N/A N/A
Musical N/A N/A
Piano / Electronic Organ
Wind, Strings, and Percussion
Comprehensive Music
*Excluding the Piano and Electronic Organ majors

  1. Screening will be done by audition or presentation during the campus visit days.
  2. Results:
    • "SA" Recognition (Full tuition will be exempted for entrance year)
    • "A" Recognition (Half tuition will be exempted for entrance year)
    • *Students cannot simultaneously apply for the Unique Scholarship.

2) Unique Scholarship
This scholarship is given more widely than the Honor Student Scholarship. Applicants should write on the application form what they gained from their experiences and what they hope to achieve. The application form for this scholarship is attached in the brochure of Application Guide. Part of the tuition will be exempted from annual tuition and fees.

  1. Screening will be done by evaluating what the applicants wrote.
  2. Application Period/ April 1, 2015 (Wed) to March 18, 2016 (Fri)
  3. Recognition/amount of scholarship
    • Recognition Ⅰ(200,000 yen will be exempted for entrance year)
    • Recognition Ⅱ(100,000 yen will be exempted for entrance year)

3) Special Entrance Scholarship for International Applicants (Only for new students)
International Students are given a special 100,000 yen exemption from their enrolment fee at the time of registration. They must submit the "Application for International Student" and must be interviewed by staff at the International Exchange Center.

4) Advancement Scholarship for International Applicants
Upon recommendation by their department heads, students with high standings are eligible for an Advancement Scholarship that allows for reduced tuition as they are promoted to the new school year level.

Scholarships sponsored by industries and government.

Honor Scholarship for Private Foreign Students accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Kyoritsu International Exchange Scholarship

Kyoritsu Maintenance Foundation Scholarship

Hashiya Scholarship